2 Lifter Joints

original case, Water Proof, Child Proof, Smell Proof, and Crush Proof.

Strains high in CBD are taking the cannabis industry by storm, so it’s not surprising that there’s a growing operation dedicated to producing this medicinal form of the plant. Oregon CBD in Corvallis, Oregon blends science and passion with an experienced team behind the scenes who create strains like Lifter.

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2 Lifter Joints in an original case, Water Proof, Child Proof, Smell Proof, and Crush Proof.
Our Joints are rolled with fresh Buds and NOT with dry flowers, no harsh, smooth, and taste delicious.

Lifter CBD flower carries a sweet and sour aroma that brings you back time and time again. Indulge in the hints of piney fresh redwood and lemon zest as your taste buds bathe in this rich and velvety smoke. Lifter is crafted to deliver a peaceful and clear sense of focal energy. Take notice of the light green buds with hints of brown undertones of this CBD hemp strain, as it offers natural contentment and tranquility like no other. The leaves are lightly coated with sticky trichomes, giving them a frosty look. The flowers have a stretched, wisp-like appearance, giving them a lightweight airiness.

Percentage Levels: Total CBD ~18% / Delta 9 THC <0.3%

Locally Sourced From Oregon

Lifter CBD Strain – Genetics
Lifter is a CBD hemp flower strain that was created in Oregon. This hemp flower strain came to be by crossing Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. Suver Haze is an aromatic strain known for being a potent mood and calm modifier. It is infamous for its fruity fragrance, sprinkled with a hint of pepper. Suver Haze is hard-hitting and contributes to the high CBD profile of Lifter.

Early Resin Berry, which is the other Lifter parent strain, has more of a skunk aroma. This pungent flower is also known for creating a lulling calm. The powerful funk of Early Resin Berry, which stinks of earth, berries, and cheese, is evident in the Lifter strain.

Lifter CBD Flower Terpene Profile
Lifter’s vibrant terpene profile contributes to the soothing fruit and pine flavor that has a hint of sour cheese and zesty lemon aroma.

Geranyl Acetate

Lifter Strain Aroma & Flavor
The Lifter CBD hemp flower strain has a very distinct flavor and smell. The aroma of Lifter flower sits between fruity and earthy. Berries and fruit intertwine with piney fresh redwood and lemon zest with a hint of cheese. Because of this, many consumers claim the smell of the flower is reminiscent of the Spring. In contrast, the taste of Lifter is void of the cheese and earthy tones, but heavy in the fruit flavor. A pinch of pepper accents the fruity taste, giving Lifter a subtle spice that blends well with the aroma.

Lifter CBD Strain Cannabinoid Profile
Lifter is a successful hemp flower because of its CBD profile. Its high CBD content has attracted consumers around the globe. Typically, this CBD hemp flower strain contains between 12% – 15% Cannabidiol. Although, our select cut of this hemp strain boasts over 18% CBD! And of course, our Lifter strain contains less than 0.3% THC.

Lifter CBD Strain Effects
Inhaling CBD hemp flower is the quickest way to feel its benefits. Typically, consumers can start to feel the effects of the Lifter strain within 5 minutes of inhalation. Lifter is known for providing very potent calming effects, as well as mood alerting properties. Remember, CBD flower cannot get you high. The calming and euphoric effects that Lifter provides are directly correlated to your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS, which is present in all mammals, helps to control sleep, mood, digestion, appetite, inflammation, anxiety, stress, mobility, and more.

How long CBD hemp flower’s effects last depends on several factors including tolerance, diet, when your last meal was, sleep schedule, and more. Lifter is a more potent strain of hemp flower. To be on the safe side, consumers should expect Lifter’s effects to last between 1-4 hours.

Suggestions for Use
Lifter hemp flower can be rolled into papers, placed in a vaporizer, or smoked via a water bong or pipe. Consumers enjoy the Lifter strain because of its potent cerebral effects. This strain is best used after a long workout, a hard day at work, or any other tasks that may have taken wear on your overall homeostasis.


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